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The conference Dynamics, Equations and Applications started on Monday morning, 16 September and finished on Friday afternoon, 20 September. Moreover, there was a welcome reception on Sunday evening, 15 September.

AGH University of Science and Technology

The conference was organized in 16 parallel sessions from four research fields:
- dynamical systems and ergodic theory (parallel sessions: topological dynamics, complex dynamics, ergodic theory, and smooth dynamical systems),
- partial differential equations (parallel sessions: calculus of variations, control theory, numerical methods, and stochastic partial differential equations),
- other types of equations, dynamics and computation (parallel sessions: ordinary differential equations, difference equations, functional equations, and dynamics, equations and computation),
- mathematics in other sciences and technology (parallel sessions: mathematical physics, mathematics for life sciences, financial mathematics, and industrial mathematics).

There were four types of talks:
- plenary lectures (one hour long and aimed at all participants),
- invited talks (40 minutes long and aimed at participants from each research field separately),
- keynote talks (30 minutes long and aimed at participants from each parallel session separately),
- contributed talks (20 minutes long and aimed at participants from each parallel session separately).

The scientific programme of DEA 2019 included a public lecture, 6 plenary lectures, 38 invited talks (9-10 in each research field), and 368 keynote and contributed talks (20-25 in each parallel session). In consequence, altogether 413 talks were given; 52 of them by International Congresses of Mathematicians plenary and invited speakers.

There were 444 participants from about 270 universities and research institutes from all over the world. They represented 50 countries located in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America; the most numerous of them were those from Poland (83), the USA (51), the UK (45), France (41), Germany (28), Italy (27), Spain (17), Austria (13), Switzerland (13), the Czech Republic (10), China (9), Israel (9), Japan (8), Canada (7), Hungary (7), Sweden (7), Chile (6), and Russia (6).

AGH University of Science and Technology

The social events included a guided tour (the participants could visit either Kraków Old Town (together with the Rynek Underground) or Kazimierz, a former Jewish district (together with either Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory or the Old Synagogue)), a concert of Piotr Orzechowski and the band Quindependence, a welcome reception and a conference dinner (together with a performance of the folk ensemble Krakus).

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