DEA 2019DEA 2019

Books of abstracts (PDF files)

Below one can find the PDF files of 16 books of abstracts. Each of them contains the abstracts for all talks of one parallel session, all invited talks from corresponding research field as well as plenary and public lectures.

D1 Dynamics

D11 Topological dynamics

D12 Complex dynamics

D13 Ergodic theory

D14 Smooth dynamical systems

D2 Equations I

D21 Calculus of variations

D22 Control theory

D23 Numerical methods

D24 Stochastic partial differential equations

D3 Equations II

D31 Ordinary differential equations

D32 Difference equations

D33 Functional equations

D34 Dynamics, equations and computation

D4 Applications

D41 Mathematical physics

D42 Mathematics for life sciences

D43 Financial mathematics

D44 Industrial mathematics

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